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the art and science of interpersonal communication

At Spellbound we are experts in the art and science of interpersonal communication. We can help you to understand how and why you to tend to communicate with others the way you do and what, if anything, you might change to be most effective. We also help teams to understand their communicative preferences, how they show up in their interactions with others and how to change problematic patterns of behaviour. A key part of this work focusses on understanding how your behaviour changes under pressure and what triggers that change. We are accredited

‘Structural Dynamics’ Interventionists which means that we can identify the structures which underpin conversation and behaviour, helping to deliver behavioural change in teams and across whole organisations. This is particularly helpful during change programmes involving significant cultural change or cross-organisational working. We have experience of working with leaders and teams worldwide within health, policing and security, telecommunications and a variety of other environments within the public and private sectors.



Take a behavioural assessment to understand your communication preferences with others.

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We can work with your organisation or team to identify and work with stuck behavioural patterns.

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Work with a behavioural expert to understand your own behavioural preferences and reactions.

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how we work with teams


See a team’s behavioural preferences in action


Identify patterns which hold the team back


Equip with skills to unstick patterns of behaviour


Tangible changes in the success of team interaction